The most recent Store Management Suite technology includes modules such as SMS the Point of Sale, a fast, flexible, safe and easy to use software that manages all cash register transactions and allows greater control by store managers and owners.

Developed using a concept of independence between the server and the points of sale (POS), the network guarantees continuous and safe cash register transactions. The SMS application uses a relational database (MS-SQL); it therefore simplifies operations and offers management and analysis tools that are both fast and precise.

SMS software has numerous solutions that respond to specific needs.

Hardware compatibility is very important in a point of sale and we are committed to providing a point of sale system that communicates with all the peripherals available on the market today. Over the years, we have designed tools to meet all our clients’ needs.




  • Manager access card (bar code or magnetic stripe)
  • Biometric Device Support (Fingerprint authentication)
  • Interface to Digital Video Recorder (I3DVR)
  • Cash limit in drawer with alarm
  • Automatic lock or logout programmable

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