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Save more than 5% of your revenues on perishable goods with Scalelink. It’s the perfect SIR solution for managing scales in your store.

It’s a solution that is adapted to facilitate scale management for all your stores. You have the stability and efficiency necessary to manage all the data that you need for perishable goods using your SMS software.

Managing Prices at Scales

Imagine the ability to save all your prices in one simple step, knowing that Scalelink can update your scales whenever you want. Think about all the money you’ll save by not having to train new employees.

Scalelink saves all your correct data at each scale, saving you time and money!

Scale Link

Scalelink enables clients to integrate all in-store scales with our SMS system. In a single database, you can coordinate prices in all your stores and be assured that all the prices are the same for all of your scales. In addition, bi-directional communication to electronic scales is available on all the big brand name scales available on the market (Diji, Hobart, Bizerba, Tec, Mettler Toledo, etc.)

SMS software to all the scales in your store

Scale Link

  • Distributes real-time information between the different points of sale, the POS system and scales.
  • Prevents price errors guarantees centralized data management throughout the store.
  • SMS offers a high degree of flexibility, integrity and exactitude of prices throughout the store.
  • SMS works with all major manufacturers of scales.
  • Eliminates the need to update.
  • Is capable of managing tare, expectancy, ingredients, etc.
  • Prints a list of available products.
  • Assembles products’ statistics.

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