RF Terminals

The RF terminal looks like a calculator and is easily portable. It is an extremely useful tool for inventory, whether receiving or placing orders. In fact, in addition to its complete keyboard, the RF terminal has an optical lens allowing workers to read the bar codes on products and thus ensuring correct pricing in conformity with consumer pricing laws. We offer two different models, Symbol and Worth Data. These are the market’s best RF Terminals and will ensure the best possible use of technology.

With an RF Terminal in hand all employees can:

Quickly verify any product’s characteristics

The employee reads the bar code of a product and is able, among other things, to verify the exactitude of the name, the origin, the description, the price and the location.

Label printing

When labels are outdated or when there is a modification on the product, printing new labels becomes a necessity. The employee selects the product, whose label needs updating, with his terminal and, if need be, makes the necessary modifications and prepares the printing of the labels that are in direct link with the office server.

Product localization

One of the advantages of the RF Terminal is shelf label printing by localization. It simplifies product searching within the store by limiting employee’s displacement.

It’s a simple process. Each shelf, row and end of each aisle is identified by a number. The clerk verifies the aisle using the number that the RF Terminal gives him.

RF Terminal

Quick inventory of products

Employees use the RF Terminal to read the bar code on the product. Once the product has been selected the clerk only needs to count the number of remaining units. After which the clerk can do the same with another product.

Create batches

When merchandise arrives or is being expedited, the RF terminal can be used to divide it into groupings and analyze the details of the incoming or sold merchandise. The terminal also enables stores to modify the inventory of this merchandise.

In fact, the RF terminal allows for the creation of different batches with detailed descriptions:

  • origins of the product
  • product name
  • price
  • quantity of the product
  • etc.

You don’t have to worry about wasting time for the printing, conversion and sending of files. Because our system works using double A batteries, there is no need for frequent recharging like before.

Its versatility will allow you to check prices accurately and quickly at all times.


  • Price changes
  • Creation of future groupings
  • Price check including
    • code twos
    • tax status
    • department link
    • bottle link
  • Inventory verification
    • Inventory data
    • Inventory adjustment
  • Database personalisation
  • Product search per aisle

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