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BlueStar Canada, in alliance with the industries leading manufacturers, distributes point-of-sale products such as printers (Epson), barcode scanners (Symbol), scales (Magellan); digital pole displays (IEE), etc. Constant communication with industry specialists enables Bluestar to supply the latest technological advancements on the market. SIR, which offers a complete solution to their clients, chose Bluestar for the purchase of many of their products.



More than 100 years after Alphonse Desjardins founded the first caisse populaire on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Lévis, Desjardins Group remains true to the intentions and goals of its founder. During its first 100 years of existence, Desjardins set up shop all over Québec, as well as in other francophone communities in Canada: Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. Everywhere, Desjardins Group has proven itself to be a different kind of financial institution, motivated by the desire to provide its members with high-quality financial services and support community development. With this institution that we have been able to establish a partnership to offer an integrated payment quality product, that clearly meets both ours and our client’s demands.


IBM Canada Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading providers of advanced information technology, products, services and business consulting expertise. We are dedicated to helping our clients innovate and succeed through the end-to-end transformation of their business models and the application of innovative technology and business solutions. SIR, a certified IBM dealer, has already been the recipient of international recognition by IBM and is proud to be associated with IBM for the purchase of its computer and point of sale parts.

Info Lasalle

Info Lasalle

A business partner for the last 15 years, Info Lasalle is our main supplier of computer equipment. The quality of their components and the rapidity, efficiency of their personalized service is the main reason for our satisfaction.



Infra-Solutions is a company that is entirely dedicated to secure IP data delivery. SIR Solutions has confidently trusted this company for the last 10 years for the implementation of their secure network as well as for their banking interface.

Loc Software

Loc Software

For over 15 years, Loc Software has been delivering systems to retailers. In 1997, the company developed Store Management Suite (SMS) software for better back office management. With the help of SIR, they have continued the development of this fast, flexible, safe and easy to use software. Thousands of retailers and managers have since implemented SMS software as part of their daily routine to manage stores, analyse data and update prices. With years of efforts and experience, SIR has received numerous awards from Loc for being the largest retailer of SMS software worldwide.



NCR’s central mission is to use innovative technology imaginatively to solve our customers’ business problems. NCR’s continued technological advancement enables them to supply clients with excellent products. Our partnership with NCR is based mainly on the purchasing of point of sale workstations as well as digital scales.


Sterling TSS

Sterling TSS Corporate Financing Inc. is a premier brokerage firm serving the Canadian market. Our personalized and professional services have resulted in almost two decades of successful, ongoing relationships with vendors. We offer corporate financial services including leasing programs, mortgages, bank loans, factoring and special projects, all specially tailored to each client. Our industry contacts and years of experience allow us to offer the best terms and conditions available in the market.

VCS Investigations

VCS Investigation

Over the last 10 years, this company has had as their mission to create durable partnerships in the sector of loss prevention, because there is a compatible interface with their digital surveillance camera system I3DVR. SIR strongly recommends this system to clients that would like to procure such a system. VCS Groupe Conseil returns the favour by recommending SIR solutions for its clients that are susceptible to need a POS managing system.

Worth Data

Worth Data

Worth Data has served 50,000 customers over the last 21 years and has had offices in Europe since 1991. Worth Data is the developer/manufacturer of both bar code hardware and related Stock management software. With our solutions, you get a unique level of application integration and unparalleled support. For the last few years, SIR has been purchasing their RF terminals from this supplier in order to adequately meet their numerous clients’ demands.



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JR Tech


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