Situated right in the heart of the St. Michel District, SIR Solutions is strategically located to not only be in a position to better serve clients but also play an important role in the modernization of a growing community.

SIR Solutions was founded in 1994 by 3 people, Gilles Beauchamp, Yves Bourdua and Daniel Asselin, all three stemming from the cash register business. With a clear vision of technological changes that were taking shape in the retail industry and the arrival of large surface stores, SIR participated in the design and development of the SMS software, backed by their more than 30 years of experience.

Backed by numbers of years experience in the implementation of Point of Sale (POS) software and based on client’s questionnaires, we have been able to determine that adding managerial tools and a store-based database is necessary in order to optimize and to ensure profitability of retail sales in a competitive industry.

Taking advantage of a growing business opportunity, SIR solutions decided to focus on the grocery and pharmacy sectors by offering products and specialized services corresponding to the needs of these retailers. Our dedication to completely satisfy the needs of these markets has enabled us to distinguish ourselves and become known as the reference in this very competitive industry for the quality of our services.

Today, thousands of retailers call on our services and expertise for the implementation of tools and managerial sales strategies. Our solution, that allows, among others, to manage all the cash registers, all stores, communication from head-offices, as well as sales analysis, has become a necessary tool for the growth of a retail business in today’s environment.

Gilles Beauchamp

Gilles Beauchamp


Yves Bordua

Yves Bourdua

Executive Vice-President
strategy and development

Daniel Asselin

Daniel Asselin



The complete solution proposed by SIR, in addition to SMS software, includes equipment, full computer system, as well as installation, training and user support services. All of this is to ensure a simplified and efficient implementation of all the activities and operations in store for the client.


SIR Solutions’ objective is to offer customer service that is above and beyond the norms of the industry. SIR has been working in direct collaboration with the same suppliers for the last 10 years, thus ensuring a long term relationship and partnership. These types of relationships and dedication allow us to obtain the best quality products as well as excellent customer service. It is thanks to this trust that our clients can benefit from this constant support, speed and quality.


SMS is an industry leader by offering products that understand and implement the latest technological advancements available on the market. Over the years, there have been many new complementary add-ons to SMS software in order to better meet the demands of our numerous clients. Our team of developers is constantly aware of markets tendencies in order to be at the forefront of software development.

Looking Ahead

Already well-established in the province of Quebec, we have just signed agreements that will confirm our presence in Ontario. As we did when we started out, we will rely heavily on word of mouth as well as the quality of the service we offer in an effort to position ourselves as a serious competitor in this new market opportunity. Due to the expansion of some of our pre-existing clients, we have been able to expand across Canada as well as in other countries, such as: Germany, Barbados and the United States.

In addition, we have also decided to focus some of our expansion on convenient stores that offer fuel services. With our new products and the quality of our POS managing software, we are able to easily meet the demands of potential clients from this market.

SIR is also exploring the possibility of penetrating new parallel markets, such as the fashion industry and renovation centers.


  • 1998 – Crystal Prize

    This recognition was awarded for the first time to a Canadian IBM dealer. This prize was given to the company having obtained the largest growth while maintaining a high standard of service and having obtained an excellence rating for customer satisfaction.

    SIR responds to level 1 calls (first line with the client) in 95% of all cases- which is well above the industry average.

  • 2006 – Loc Software Prize – Outstanding Sales Achievement

    This recognition was awarded for the first time by the company Loc Software. This prize is awarded to the business that distinguishes itself as the best in terms of worldwide SMS software sales.

  • 2007 – Loc Software Prize – Gold Summit Award

    This prize is awarded by the company Loc Software. It is presented to the business that is the most complete in terms of sales, service offer and expertise in SMS software.

  • 2007 – ESTim 2007 Prize – Service Business

    This recognition is presented by the Chamber of Commerce for Industry and Commerce in Montreal-East (CCIEIM). This prize is awarded to the business that has distinguished itself by its service offer and the quality of achievements, most notably by its energy, originality and its growth.

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