Our Mission

To provide retail businesses with a point of sale and management software package, customized services and equipment that evolve according to their business growth while building a strong and durable partnership.

Our Value Proposal

SIR offers you a complete solution to
maximize the profits of your stores!
  • Increase your revenues by having in store the right products in the right quantities at all times due to an accurate tracking of all items resulting from an effective SMS sales analysis.
  • Increase your profit margins due to an accurate global view of your item sales by vendor which will enhance your negotiating power.
  • Increase your revenues by reducing your stock shortage due to an automated system that orders products based on different purchasing criteria.
  • Reduce your labour costs by automating the price envoy directly to stores from your head office by eliminating manual price management in the database by store employees (42,000 annual product changes multiplied by 5 minutes per product multiplied by the employee’s hourly rate).
  • Reduce your labour costs by automating the shelving label printing for in store products.
  • Increase your revenues due to an integrated gas system that allows payment at the pump, promotional advertising and simultaneous management of the store and the gas.
  • Reduce your internal frauds due to an immediate signal of irregularities in the exceptions cash register reports.
  • Avoid price-scanning errors at the check-out counter with a rapid and precise optical reader.
  • Reduce your inventory loss and merchandise shortage by controlling your targeted inventory on a daily basis (cigarettes, wine, beer and lottery).
  • Increase your profits with a sales report per location that allows you to better merchandize your products while improving the efficiency of product turnover.
  • Save time and avoid problems pertaining to equipment and software management by communicating with a single vendor.

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